I finally got my website online!
After days - weeks! - spent trying to figure out how dreamweaver and fireworks works I finally have something to show for it!
Please check it out - I`m still making adjustments and if you have any suggestions they will be more than welcome. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to let me know what you think.




Being in Izu with Joe, Anna, Jean-phillipe and Mika is great fun! It's been a perfect mix of nature, stars, reading, beer, music, mountains, onsen, food and drawing. Joe kept us busy with an onslaught of rural Japanese culture, driving us through beautiful scenery from one place to the next in order to get the full experience. On the second day we climbed to the top of ... mountain, I think this might be one of the most beautiful views in all Japan. I took a lot of photos and we had all had a lot of fun!


The Solaryman Project

Photographer Yuki Aoyama recently caught my eye with a photographic book entitled Solaryman,
her idea is to capture the individual behind the suit. Since I myself have been recently coerced into a suit I found it particularly liberating, each photo gives us a nice glimpse of the salary man as he leaps into the air away on a short trip out of reality. Humour, creativity, playfulness and attitude are briefly emblazoned across their faces. It's really quite lovely, usually you will only see stony faces when you see those guys. Japan seems like such a serious place.


Foreign Devil

Im settling back in nicely, despite living in abject poverty. That's not really true, but times are hard, I'm sure everyone will nod their heads and grudgingly agree. Tokyo is fun, it is strange being back in this metropolis, I'm stuck in a binary notion of feeling like I know it well and also being uncomfortably aware that I have no idea what I'm doing or where I am at any given point of time or space. At the moment I'm mainly looking for work, but I have had the chance to have fun, so here it is.

Fun no.1
This is the Tana-bata festival in Hiratsuka, it revolves around some story involving princes and princesses who miss each other in some way. Basically the town of Hiratsuka is filled with banners and lanterns hanging from bamboo sticks. People come from all over Tokyo to see these and to buy local and traditional food in huge amounts from the 'throng' of stalls. Me and Anna ate some tori kara age (chicken), takoyaki (octopus) and sugared sweet potato chips.

Fun no.2
The great barbecue of American Independence.
To celebrate the 4th of July a large number of people gathered at Futako river under the overpass to eat huge amounts of barely cooked meat and drink lots of beer. I'm sure I wasn't alone in drinking lots of beer... It was really great, we had some DJ's from Camalot playing tunes right next to us, which worked out perfectly in combination with the beer. Until I threw two of them into the river. But they seemed happy to be thrown in, so I obliged, I was even polite enough to wait for them to remove their iphones from their pockets.

Finally, a little on the art side.
Here are a couple of drawings, one from last week of the Shibuya sky line directly above Yoshinoya, a popular gyudon chain restaurant and one from earlier today in the park.

When things shape up a little and I get the job I'm aiming for, this blog should kick off a little more, hope you are all well.

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