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The burden of senses;

why not play everything at once and play the sound from only one?



Bonjour mon petit poi!

Just got back from unibersity.
Got some shit to show yer.

Firstly this happened last night.

haha, it was realllly funny. the chances.

On Monday I went to see some pretty underground Japanese bands.

They were very good, one of the bands (possibly called 'music+beat+organic'..) had an
amazing drummer who played bongo's and all these percussion instrument i dont know the name of. He is the one in the green on the left here:
Also he is the best tamborine player i ever did see.

Another band playing acoustic music had a japanese girl singing, who gave me a homemade cookie because i filled out a question sheet in a language she could not read.

That is her.

This is the Horse sushi that I was just
dying to try.


It was a bit chewy because its raw but was nevertheless quite nice.
Next up is Whale.

This is Yuta and his friend whose boyfriend went travelling for 6 months in Glasgow.

This is me and Takuro.

This is a poster for a musical called URINETOWN., it has pictures off loo roll on it and everything is gold and they are standing in a big puddle. I dont understand so maybe i should get a ticket.
this is a button on my new phone whose purpose evades me. this is a drawing for a storyboard.This is just a drawing.Ted in progress.
The house at the bottom of the road.
what i just ate off.
Next weeks issue of Don't Japanic:
  • Arts and Crafts fair in Odaiba
  • Photography club party
  • Yuta's gig.
So tune in!!
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