Tadaima desu!

Back in Tokyo!
Its very hot here, difficult to adjust to the heat, time, culture, language etc...
The journey was very long, I flew via Abu Dhabi on hellish 25 hour journey across the world.
But landing was fantastic, anna was waiting there looking lovely and holding a pack of seven stars cigarettes for me. Here is a picture I took as we flew over the desert of the United Arab Emirates.
Last night I visited Shibuya, where we ate some fucking amazing Ramen, walked around alot and see that it's just as big, busy, bright, noisy and confusing as it was when I went there the first time. Also I was offered more modelling work! Quite good for my first day in Japan.

Hassocks Leaving party - The swamp
The night before I left, we had a wonderful little gathering in the swamp, which is actually alot nicer then it's name. Thanks to John, Maddie, Jack and becci for all your hard work!
John spent the week cutting and sawing up tree's for the fire
Maddie and Becci provided beautiful decor, including amazing floating lanterns on the water and some more in the tree.
Jack prepared some beautiful trout and sea bass cooked wonderfully on the fire.
Also thanks to all who came along! It was really fun, and I will miss you all!

Bristol Leaving party + degree show after party + Brian's Birthday
Excellent to see some people before I left, I hope everyone had fun and Bristol has now recovered from one giant collective hangover. Also enjoy the degree show, it's still going!
I will spending the next few days adjusting back to life here and relaxing. If your in Tokyo currently come to my welcome back party at Eda, or I will see you soon probably.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me in some way to come back to Japan, it's greatly appreciated!
Remember, dont Japanic!



Since my return to Japan is scheduled for later this month, I will be saying farewell again to the UK for an indefinate amount of time. Therefore this blog will once again serve as the essense of me, in a flatter, shinier, lovelier form.
To give you a taste of what I mean here are some of my modelling images. Published in 'HUgE' magazine October 2009 under the theme: 'Absolute man'...

yeah they are quite wierd.
I expect to see as many people as I can before I leave, and also, when I get there!

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