Good day good Sirs and Madames,

May this find you all in good health, I have for many a night now felt perturbed by this land. The disconcerting smell of putrid cider and the spiralling depths of a mysterious numbing sensation that I cannot shake has driven me to conceed and make sail for the distant lands of Japan.
As I will be fleeing the country under cover of night (of course..) on the thirtieth day of this month I am compelled to stay in contact through the medium of 'blog'.
The other point of this blog is to detail all the daft and senseless things that I hope I will find or see for all your amusement! Make sure you bookmark it or send me a message and I will add you to the mailing list.

Before departure I am holding a gathering of great and also not so great, possibly even inane and downright bizarre people on Friday the 27th.

Hope this reaches you all in time.

God bless.


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