First day in tokyo!

Apart from being jetlagged to the xtreme I am in awe of everything and also in utter confusion with everything.
Had a hell of a longo flight, 12 hours and all i could see out the window was clouds, apart from the huge expanse of siberia which was just snow and rock.
But I landed and had a cigarette which was my favourite all time cigarette. Got onto a bus which took two hours to go all the way across tokyo, but I saw loads of tokyo on the way, obv, and its nuts mate. Things that I saw:
1. They have bamboo growing like weeds and its huge! just like out of that flying daggers movie, forests of the stuff!
2. The buildings are all really big and you can tell the've run out of space because theres about 2 inches between each high rise block. The river goes underneath three levels of high rise roads so it took me about half an hour to see the floor, and even longer before i realised that we had been driving on top of a river the whole way.
3. Japanese bum golf (gorufo)
4. Crap loads of people everywhere.
Got to my suburb after that, its called tama-plaza, i think, and there are cherry blossums lining the roads, you can get fags in vending machines, and everyone stares at you.
Met Joe Hashimoto, my land lord, he is ace, looks like this:
Whay Miyazaki!

Then I left my shoes by the door and found my room, its pretty ace, i have futon to sleep on and sliding doors,
have a look:

This is the view out my window:
pretty cool...
So I went into the street and walked around, the people are overwhelming, there are tonnes of them and all the girls have incredible taste and are very hot anyway.
Brought some cigarettes by accident, sort of japanicked and saw some camels on the shelf in a 7/11 and asked a jolly japanese lady to sell them to me in no uncertain terms... She was laughing. Found out why afterwards because of this:
nutty menthol camels... no thanks..
Also went and found an authentic japanesey noodle bar, my first 'real' noodle town experience!
artists impression:yeah man! you had to put some coins into a vending machine which gave you a ticket and you gave that to the chef who would give you food! this sounds like easier then ordering in japanese but all the food was written in japanese so it wasnt. This is what came out:
Have never had anything japanese this good! even better then wagamama's for much less! whayyyy.
Only thing i'd have to say is that after this i went to a bar and ordered a well needed beer and firstly it was like £2.50 (500 yen) i think, and it was only a half! god help me.
But the barmaid was hot.

Well im pretty exhausted because after that i came back here and wrote this!
now i havnt slept in exactly 24 hours becausde my alarm just went off telling me to get up to go to japan. i think im going to sleep a bit then walk around some more later.
Hope your all having fun!


  1. ha....sounds fucking amazing. developing a thing for the oriental girls already, slippery slope apparently fred, once ye go asian ye never go back or somethin along them lines

    have a mental time anyway.

    ps. one pillow on the futon? good luck with that /o\

  2. yoyoyo freddy mate! sounds well fucking exciting man! cant beleive your there now! good to hear from you mate! im in switzerland at the moment in basel. im leaving for a night train later to go to venice! will try to get a train to japan....might not be covered under my europe pass????
    i deffinately will try come out there at some point, gotta get me sum of that bamboo! oh and some of the women as well, you lucky bugger! (sorry if you read this rosie) hahahaha DAAAAAHHHH! those ciggs look fucking horrible! nutty shit flavour after brushing ure teeth. have you seen anyone smoking them?love you fred mate, take extra care man, your in neo tokyo now, join a bike gang!
    laters fredmatexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Wow! I love the pics, bad luck on those ciggerettes lol!
    Amazing blog Mr Saunders, I'm thoroughly impressed and astounded at what you have acheived in such a short time - so keep up the good work - you could be the very subject of my next book ;)
    Good luck, I fare thee well xxx

  4. Fuk-mi Fred!

    I've got to admit i'm well jealous. Sounds like everything it should be.
    I'm gonna need you to print off a pic of me with my phone number on and hand it to any spare hot girls you come across. Cheers!

    I got skype, add me. decadence_phc.

  5. HURRAH! so glad you are there and being all starry eyed- cant wait to keep reading. Love you lots - AV ITTTTTTTTTT XX

    Ps i saved some carrots for big mumma today but then realised shes not here... oh well



    Sounds amazing my man, so glad you're out there safe and sound =)

    already missing you sick loads dude! take care of yourself, keep us posted, live the dream man!

    bring me back something sexy!


    stu xxxxx


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