Bonjour mon petit poi!

Just got back from unibersity.
Got some shit to show yer.

Firstly this happened last night.

haha, it was realllly funny. the chances.

On Monday I went to see some pretty underground Japanese bands.

They were very good, one of the bands (possibly called 'music+beat+organic'..) had an
amazing drummer who played bongo's and all these percussion instrument i dont know the name of. He is the one in the green on the left here:
Also he is the best tamborine player i ever did see.

Another band playing acoustic music had a japanese girl singing, who gave me a homemade cookie because i filled out a question sheet in a language she could not read.

That is her.

This is the Horse sushi that I was just
dying to try.


It was a bit chewy because its raw but was nevertheless quite nice.
Next up is Whale.

This is Yuta and his friend whose boyfriend went travelling for 6 months in Glasgow.

This is me and Takuro.

This is a poster for a musical called URINETOWN., it has pictures off loo roll on it and everything is gold and they are standing in a big puddle. I dont understand so maybe i should get a ticket.
this is a button on my new phone whose purpose evades me. this is a drawing for a storyboard.This is just a drawing.Ted in progress.
The house at the bottom of the road.
what i just ate off.
Next weeks issue of Don't Japanic:
  • Arts and Crafts fair in Odaiba
  • Photography club party
  • Yuta's gig.
So tune in!!

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  1. Yata!

    Mate, horse sushi? Sounds amazing. I bet whale is nice.

    Went into uni on monday and we had a whole morning of lectures about whaling in Japanese culture. Was well worth gettin in on time for.


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