Kareoke pics . New Camera Finally . SLR irreversibly broken . Stolen Stuff .

The Japanese Subway. Typically full of Japanese people.


Me and american girl (sarah)

American girl and French Guy (Alex)

Australian guy (Chau), American Girl 2 and Pan-European Girl

Me.French guy, American girl 2 and Pan-European Girl.
Becci and Frauke

Chau (Australian guy eating a burrito by 7/11)

Kareoke was great, Gaijin only though so its a different experience because we generally know the words to all the songs other people sing. Otherwise you sit there listening to J-pop for hours and its very boring. But we sang from 12 till 5 with all you can drink and i have developed a taste for bloody marys somehow.
What i stole: This Evangelion poster. I was surprised that people were shocked when you get drunk and steal stuff on your way home. They were really trying to stop me. Haha apparently I was yelling 'I'm Drunk, I'm 21, I'm A student and I'm English!' Haha, its just not the same if you can't steal random things like signs, traffic cones and posters. Anyway apparently I can sell this poster on eBay for about 3000 yen. Any offers?

So that is a good weekend, I will take lots of photos now i have a new camera. It is duty-free!
I went to Akihabara yesterday which is a electrical goods paradise. After the war americans sold their radio equipment on the black market here and you can still buy old radios and stuff. It hasn't changed since then. This is also the place where you can find maid bars, towers of anime related goods and random stuff like this.

And now the Weather.
Last week we caught the edge of a typhoon from Malaysia and it rained for 3 days. But the week before that I think we reached 25.
Now it is hot and sunny again and you can tell the rainy season is coming because you wake up covered in sweat and i just showered and im already quite sticky. I should have brought more tee-shirts with me.

The more you know who you are, and what you want,
the less you let things upset you.

Bill Murray, Lost in Translation.


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