Last week I took a brief excursion to the land of shinjuku (my first time, but also, oddly, the first time for a girl I have met, so me and anna went together :)

My first visit to the hustle and business of Tokyo's tallest district.
Shinjuku stands at the center of Japans success in the worlds economy, and is the most expensive land in the City. The west houses the government Metropolitan building which is dubbed 'tax tower' due to its US$1billion cost.

East Shinjuku is a place for highend fashion and entertainment for men. the 250,000 (predominantly men) that work in the west part everyday come through here the kicks etc..
Me and Anna found a Hello kitty shop, some expensive bags, a healthy transexual population, but the best part is the cluster of neon lights with the skyline as a backdrop. Has an extremely energetic and unreal feel to it.
I didnt really a get a chance to appreciate this place properly so I plan to make a trip back soon to stroll around some more.

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