The treehouse creation group!!

The treehouse group are a group of people making nature friendly art, involving creating houses in precarious places. They have a cafe (in a tree) in a backstreet of Harajuku that me and Anna went to see yesterday. The house is beautiful, and we ate a bagel and drank beer in a huge pine tree.
It was beautifully made, check them out and if you're in Harajuku go have a look. their website is also worth seeing for the treehouses they have made.

Right next to the treehouse happened to be the headquarters of the Design Festa that I went to, I spoke to an Australian guy who told it was opened in '98 and now the festa has grown to be the biggest design festival in the world. quite an accomplishment. The whole building was covered in scultpure and structures and there was not a surface that wasn't painted.

Right after this I was asked to be a model... by a random in the street. maybe theres a job here?
Watch this space...

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