what happens when you put peoples from bristol in japan

The bristolians come to tokyo!
oh those crazy kids!
what will they do next...

Team gayjin, doing my work for me.
Adam is my inbetweener and everyone else does colouring in!
Thanks guys, i lube you!

On another note i am now a 'part time model'..

Check out my leopard shoes...
I will put up more photos when they go to print, today i was paid to have mugshots taken of me in a hat.

More intensity!

I will be back on the blogging properly when i have finished my course! I havn't had much time in a while with my busy schedule.

Also I have added a thingy so you can comment from your facebook account, if you choose connect with facebook from the menu in the comment box ting.
Also complaint means comment, dont be afraid/afred.

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