(almost) finished work!

I have (almost) finished my work, in that the module for study in tokyo has finished, but i still have to trim some corners and create a presentation for UWE back in bristol.
So here is my animation as it was when screened at Tokyo Zokei University on Saturday the 18th of July.

The module brief stated that I should write about a powerful memory, which was a bit disapointing as i wanted to write about my time in Japan rather then the past. It also required a narrative over the top which i found to be excessively cheesy. But i guess it wouldnt make sense without it as my animations never seem to do. This one almost does!
Those of you who have spent your time in Favell may understand the sentiments i'm trying to get at with this one.
Thanks to all computers, equipment, students and professors at Zokei without whom nothing would have happened and whom I could not understand at all!

I will be returning to the Uk on the 14th of August and soon after to Bristol as i must submit to UWE by the 17th. Soon i hope to see you all!

Please let me know what you think!

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