Bill Murray day

Oh my days! I have never related more to a bill murray film, apart from space jam, and now I am ready to collapse!
If you have any vangelis, turn it on now.
Thought I had managed to conquer jet lag this morning by getting drunk last night so I could sleep for ages after just waking up. sort of worked... ..
what did i do...
Immediatley went to Tama-Plaza station when i woke up at about 8 ish, and after alot of umming I bought a ticket and by chance ended up where i wanted to be! Shibuya is one of the biggest centres for japanese youth culture and has that bit in it where there are loads of signs and giant televisions above a giant zebra crossing.
As I emerged from the subway this was the first thing i saw and i think i was probably about to break down and cry. I walked about for a bit but I couldnt stop dribbling so i sat in starbucks and decided to do a drawing to calm myself down, and ended up sitting there for 2 hours doing this:
<----- Dont really know why i did it but i came out of starbucks with a stupid headache that i still have about 10 hours later. Like having someone throw screwballs at your temple.. --------------------------------------------------------- The next few hours were spent solidly walking around shibuya, and staring at everything and everyone. Bill murray style.
saw some guys playing pachinko, well i saw thousands of people playing pachinko.
Went and ate in another noodle bar and this time i ate Oyakodon, which means mother and child (chicken and egg) I won't draw it because it was mainly mushy egg with bits of chicken and rice. very nice though. Went and spent 1000 yen on two half pints of kirin in a very nice bar, where i smoked in a bar for the first time in yonks.
Funny thing is, you can't smoke on the street, you have designated smoking shelters to help integrate smokers with non-smokers, but, you can smoke inside wherever the hell you want to smoke. Brilliant! The logic is exactly the opposite to uk and for some reason it works better.
Started to get very tired at about 4ish because i think thats about 7am uk time, so got a coffee and waited till it went dark so that I could experience the lights better. Bought some indoor slippers and coffee. Went dark, and i walked around listening to Blade Runner with a huge grin on my face.

Ok then, went back home, slept for 3 hours and woke up feeling shit. I decided that its about time I made some friends and went down stairs and immediately met two amazing japanese guys called yamachan and katsuro. they are 27 and 28 respectively and speak marginally good english but have a great sense of humour and love japanese reggae! So at 1 we went to an indonesian bar and ate ribs and satay and drank till 4 am, we talked alot about england and they asked me stuff like where is good to surf, have i seen david beckham, how big are the british girls breasts etc... They said as a foreigner it is easier for me to pull japanese girls.
Still have a head ache though, I think i need some sleep. If i have missed anything important I will put it in the next post. Hope all is well back in the ussr! Oyasumi Nasai!


  1. Fred! Sounds amazing. Glad you've found some people to hang out with and drink beer Japanese stylee. Im slaving away in London working up to 11 and a half hours in a day! Did an asos shoot with Peaches Geldoff today which was gd/hard work. Carry on with the blog - I'm loving reading it. Take care and loads of love XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Dear Brave Knight, as i sit here eating some of Marks and Spencers finest Vanilla Ice cream and stare blankly at the tv screen as england play ukraine at football,all i can think is cannot get enough of this blog. Keep it up, it is a joy to read. Until the next tale, Joe.







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