tokyoughurt art

Sushi, thats what my ex-wife called me...
Cold fish...
(Deckard: original blade runnner narration)

adding words to 'things...'

beautiful animations are from a tokyo based company called wowlab. You can see others on youtube that are also just as good.
website: http://www.wowlab.net/index.php?ref=top-news-en

also for a jpeg a day and great graphic inspiration take a look at this; http://jpgaday.com/index.php?x=browse

i have finished my visual culture essay finally! 24 pages of pure tokyo. and too much research! I have gotten to used to adding qoutes and things. Im sure you can see.. good luck to the rest of you still going.
i look forward to concentrating on this blog a bit more now, am going to buy a battery for my camera and go and take photos. Tomorrow is a national holiday so i will be joining my housemates in the park for a picnic. Saturday is drawing at tokyo zoo followed by student party at an italian restaurant 6 till 11 followed by another party at an indian restaurant 12 till 8am. this should be worth blogging if i get my camera done.
Fiery the angels fell.
Deep thunder rolled around their shores ...
burning with the fires of orc..
Roy Batty.

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