Today I have been in bed nursing a shocking hangover, the first thing I thought when i woke up is that i have nothing i can fry and then that i dont even have bread, just onions, apples and a yellow pepper. In the 7/11 you can get bread but in Japan they only sell it in half loaves for some reason and the eggs are pure white.
The cherry blossum party last night was very good, managed to meet many many people and do lots of talking. But I did drink alot, japanese people love to offer you drink after drink and I must have had alot of Asahi, whisky, mold wine and sake! but it was all free, and I am pretty sure I did not make a fool out of myself like would be expected on that much alcohol. But I have met loads of very nice people and I have been invited to another party at a fashion designer called ash't(?)'s house next week which sounds like lots of fun. I also met a group of japanese guys my age who play in a band in Shibuya, i will go to see them soon, I was talking to one of them who likes the libertines, but cannot say libertines or doherty.
It was with severe shock that the notion of not being able to get a kebab on the way back presented itself to me, instead yamacham bought pickled plums and calamari...

So today I have not done much except finish a book.
tomorrow I am going to uni for the first time, so i imagine this is not going to be easy.
Will get some pictures of it.
Hope everyone is well, sayonara!

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  1. Hey Fred,

    Japan sounds incredible! It sounds like a total head fuck as well. Im currently sat in your room which Is currently the home of me and two rabbits! Gary probably told you that we found a rab outside the house after the party! He's a fuckin nice rabbit! But the bastard just scratched me and now there might be stew on the menu!

    Anyways thought i'd let you know that I am incredibly jealous! And it sounds like everything that I imagine it to be! God damn your blog and you fuckin lucky bastard!

    Have fun! <3 Holly


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