Taking my first skate in Tokyo with the guys, it is 'practise for surf' style. No worries.

This is another revised version of the skate video, he keeps changing it.
Except this in this one at 8:15 there is some video of me blindfolded and trying to hit a watermelon with a stick. hilarious... also apparently my name is now f.~Erick


  1. Well at least I know I can do one thing better than you.... Skate!! Ha. Looks well fun though. I just spent the last week cracking out the old Tony Hawks games, but this looks way better.
    Also... what's this music? It's well good, are they making you listen to pop-punk over there? I here it's quite popular.

    Phoebe x

  2. Unless you have somehow managed to digitise your eyeball, that pov shot from the skateboard must have been made by my dv camera. A moving skateboard is not a good place for a camera to be. Unlike your eye, which merely goes black when you fall off, the camera gets broken and stays broken.

    Phoebe. 'I here' sounds like Cherokee for 'hello'.

    D x

  3. no its not my video and not my camera

  4. Dude!

    This vid is rad! (or whatever).

    Its all in the hips

    miss you!

    Ben (mad dog) Doherty

  5. dah!!! lookin good man,


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