To Much Walking & no Talking

Sorry this blog is in reverse chronological order so start at the bottom.

I am to tired to write much so i will onlt put up pictures, I walked from Shibuya to Meiji Shrine, built by the emporer in 1920 ish for the emporess, it is very beautiful and surrounded by a park of thick almost jungle like trees. Then I took a walk to Harajuku where it is all high end fashion shops and lots of well dressed, and strangly dressed people. Then I walked back down to Shibuya and visited a Pachinko Tower, they have some crazy video games, including a virtual reality pod.
I think i am falling deeply and inseperably in love with Shibuya. also found a fairly cheap pub, and where the beer is cheap you find all the white people. Saw one guy in a brighton and hove albion shirt.
Cherry Blossum party tomorrow, I am very excited.
Some bastard German stole my beer.
Ja mate ne!

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  1. Cherry blossom party will be wicked.
    What's the cheap pub like?
    Been to a saki house yet? Get on it.



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